donderdag 4 december 2008

4 + 4 = 44!

I got this very cute (metal) birthday card from my dearest friends Marc and Monique; they even sang on my answering device! Although that did affect my hearing a little bit, lol!
Well it's official: I'm 44 as from today. I guess that means I still have 44 more years before having to behave a bit like a grown up? But I'll start worrying about that within 44 years. As for today: I'll put this little plate in front of me for the rest of the day and I'll enjoy myself. Tonight Eddy will make dinner and I'll just sit back and relax! Yeehah!

9 opmerkingen:

Christine zei

Nou, Hartelijk proficiat jarige!
Wens je een super creatief nieuw levensjaar toe en tijd in overvloed om te stempelen!

Anne's Cards zei

Geniet van elke dag maar vooral van je verjaardag!!PROFICIAT!!

eviledna zei

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Hope you've had a great day and don't grow up, that's boring :)
Hugs and kisses and oodles of best wishes, take care & keep smiling from the witch who sneezes and her broomstick shoots backwards :)x

elke zei

Hip hip hoera voor de jarige. met wat vertraging... niet alles ineens hé

elke en iris

acreativeneed zei

Oh Happy Birthday Els!! I wish I hadn't missed it! Hope you had a wonderful day and remember you're only as old as you act! Here's to never acting our age! :)

Wildärtan zei

Hmm... a little late but CONGRATS FOR YOU ELS! Love your cards as always!
Cold hugs from Sweden
(we've got -20 at 10 am.)

mycardz zei

Ohhhh...Els!! I missed this!!!! I wish I had known. [Big sigh] Hope you had a VERY happy birthday and a terrific, best of your life year truly deserve the best. You're such a very dear person and true friend!! :)

Viv zei

Well this is a week late Els, I'm so sorry. Wishing you a very happy belated birthday!
Viv xx

Carolyn Bounds zei

Happy (very belated) Birthday!!! I am so disappointed in myself for missing this wonderful day...for it was the day our world was blessed with you!!!! Please forgive me!!! I won't be missing it next year, as I have recorded it in my brithday/anniverary journal. I hope your day was everything you hoped it would be and that Eddy made your faves for dinner:o)