zondag 15 februari 2009

Examens - Exams

Omdat ik een beetje teleurgesteld ben in m'n uitslag, hab ik dit nog niet eerder gepost. Ik ben net niet geslaagd op polticologie (1 punt te kort!), de andere 2 examens (sociaal-wetenschappelijk denken en social research methods) waren wel OK. Dat wordt dus blokken in augustus, pfffft.

As I'm a bit dissapointed about my exam results, I haven't posted this any sooner. I didn't pass for politicology (1 point short!), my other 2 exams (social-scientific thinking and social methods) were OK. Guess this means I'll have to study again in August, pfffft.

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Anne's Cards zei

OO Els wat jammer,en dan nog voor één puntje:-(
Maar de moed niet laten zakken want er waren er 2 wél goed dus..proficiat daarvoor!

Wildärtan zei

Oh Els, I'm sorry to hear that. 1 point... *sighing*
Do you have to read it all again?

Anoniem zei

Hi Els! I'm sorry to hear you didn't pass one of your exams, but i'm sure you'll do well next time! It's great about the other two! I have two more exams left and I'm studying for one in March...I'm so tired, can't wait to get over with them. :) I have something for you on my blog, I hope it will cheer you up a bit!
Hugs, Vanja

eviledna zei

(sniff) There's not a lot I can say that'l make you feel better, so in the words of Meatloaf "two out of three aint bad".
At least in August you'll know what to expect, so it'll be a breeze :)
Take care & KEEP SMILING
Ann x

Raisa zei

I'm sorry to hear that. O just hope it will be a lot easier in August when You allready now whats coming. I'm just starting my studies in March and I feel a bit scared... Haven't been studying for what? maybe twenty years... Am I old or what!?!

Monique zei

Oh Els dat is spijtig voor slechts 1 puntje, als het een troost kan zijn voor je creativiteit op uw blog krijg je van ons 11 op 10.

Vele lieve groetjes van ons

Wendy zei

Ooo Els wat jammer, en dat voor dat ene puntje :( Ik zal heel hard voor je duimen dat je in augustus een heel goed examen zult hebben!

Marc zei

't Is allemaal de schuld van Hij Die Niet Genoemd Mag Worden. Die heeft iets tegen bepaalde heksen ;-)

Mike Charlie zei

Hi Els,

I've put a link to your marvellous blog on my website.


Dirk zei

Els, so sorry. But you were so very, very close! Keep smiling! My son recently had a similar experience -- he did, and you will, rule! Martha Kay

theneon zei

Be you are wondering who "Dirk" is? I was signed into his e-mail account when I sent you the message -- guess I am not paying attention to what I am doing today -- I must need to get back to making cards! Martha Kay

Anoniem zei

Sorry to hear it, Els, but cheer up, your hard work is not wasted, it will be easier next time!
Hugs and smiles,

Jenny, zei

Oh Els, sorry to read you didn't pass :o( Wishing better luck for next time xxx

Carolyn Bounds zei

Oh, Els....I am sorry to hear about your Politicology class:( At least you passed the other two!! And, now you know what to expect from Politicology. I know this is a lame attempt at trying to make you feel better, but I did leave you a little something on my blog. I hope it will make you smile a little.


Raisa zei

Hope to have you back soon. I left little something to you in my blog.