maandag 6 april 2009

Stof - Fabric

Bij Crafty Creations challenge #9 is het thema 'stof'. Ik heb dit mooie Irisstempeltje eerst op een voile cadeauzakje gestempeld. Daarna heb ik nogmaals op glitterfolie 'hologram framboos' gestempeld, het hartje uitgeknipt en op de stof gestreken.

At Crafty Creations challenge #9 the theme is 'fabric'. I first stamped the image on a 'gauze' giftbag. Then I stamped it again on glitter iron-on foil 'hologram raspberry', then cut out the heart shape and ironed it on the original image.

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Saskia zei


Bedankt om mee te doen aan de Crafty Creations Challenge!! Ik vind het zakje héél leuk en schattig!! Mooi gedaan!!!
Hopelijk zien we je volgende week weer terug voor 'n nieuwe challenge!!!


newenglandstamper zei

Super project, Els! Thanks for playing.

acreativeneed zei

Els this is a lovely creation! So happy you played!!

Diane.W. zei

Beautiful!!! Great idea & effect :o)x

Raisa zei

Oh, it's so lovely! Just wonderfull idea, I might just have to try it myself ;)


Pat zei

Wow, it's lovely! Thank you for visiting my blog. I love your work.
Pat x

Jaime zei

That is very cute. I didn't know they made glitter iron-on. Hmmmm, may have to find some of that. Glad you liked the laptop case, it really only took we like 20 minutes.

Anne's Cards zei

Héél mooi gedaan!
Prettig Paasweekend!!

eviledna zei

Well I never, iron on glitter, didn't know such stuff existed, looks lovely and I like the baby peeking over the top. Hope you, Eddy and furry family are all keeping well and I do hope you're out there in your little oasis enjoying your gardening. Don't forget to talk to your plants, it really does work, there's been more than once I've kicked a pot containing a rather dead looking plant and threatened it with the bin if it didn't flower, and flower they did. My Dad calls me Lazarus LOL.
Take care & keep smiling
Ann x

Wildärtan zei

Oh, you have disappeared again...:-(

mi sello personal zei

HI ,your blog is so pretty...JLaura

Valems zei

Hello Els! This is an amazing project! You haven't been posting in a while, I hope all is well with you!:)

I have something for you on my blog

Bruno zei

Hey Els,

Heel leuk is het geworden! ook je 3 in 1 kaartje is echt heel knap, en inderdaad heel mooi papier en kleuren.

we hebben ook nog een verrassing voor je op ons blog.


Wendy & Bruno

Rica zei

Hi Els missed you - how are you??
This is one gorgeous bag, so beautifully done and I just love that little baby peeping over that scrumptious heart. This is a new technique to me - think I might have to give it a go.
hugs Heather xx

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