vrijdag 14 november 2008

The heat is on... finally!

Joepie! Eindelijk terug centrale verwarming! Sedert vorige zaterdag zaten we in de kou. Vandaag is er eindelijk iemand langsgeweest. Voorlopig zitten we toch terug lekker warm!

Yeehaa! Finally it's getting warm again in our house! Our central heating broke down last saturday and today we finally saw a technician! For the moment the heat is back on!

3 opmerkingen:

Diane.W. zei

Awww,brrrrr!!!! That's awful & it's so cold too! I'm sending you a big warm hug :o)x

Clotilde zei


Carolyn Bounds zei

Awww...does that mean you and hubby have to stop snuggling?:o) Just kidding! I know you are happy to be warm, cozy, and toasty!!! Here's hoping it stays working!!!