zaterdag 1 november 2008

Only 364 days till Halloween...

Only 364 days till the next Halloween, lol.
Next year I'll definitely have a party. Last year I cancelled it because life was to hectic and I'll always regret it because one of my dearest friends ever, Edgard, who loved our Halloween nights, passed away last August 17th, only 61 years old. I miss him so much, although we have only known each other for 6,5 years, he was 'my buddy'.
Here he is 'fooling around' (eating a - fake- spider - Halloween 2005):

Now for this year: I invited our dearest friends and a couple of Portuguese friends we don't know that long, but who have become very dear to us real fast. Guess what happened; our oldest friends were invited only two weeks ago to the wedding of their niece, who's husband to be secretely planned the wedding on 31st of...October! OK, that was a pity, but the party could go one, couldn't it? But last tuesday, Paula stumbled into my office, with horrible news: Carlos got hit by a bus and was in hospital. Luckily he could go home soon, but the poor guy is all bruised and stiff and to be honest, looked more like Frankenstein than himself! I told him he didn't have to go through that much trouble for just a Halloween paty, lol. But without kidding, I'm so glad he's feeling better everyday!
So it was just me a my darling: we had a real nice evening with bread, cheese and wine and our pets (who always take care of the animation on Halloween, and every other day too, lol) and talked about the past parties. We shed a few tears in remembrance of Edgard, but had some good laughs too, talking about all those wonderful memories!
So I guess this weekend was really all about the death and the living, as those days are meant to be!

Some more pictures of our past parties and decorations:

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Els I'm sorry for the loss of your friend Edgar, it sounds as though you had many good times together. And how awful about your friend Carlos! I truly hope he will be alright! It sounds as though you managed to have a good, if quiet Halloween anyway, but next year, nothing will stop you from having a Halloween blast, I'm sure! I love all the pics you posted of past decorations...I think you would enjoy what we do here at Halloween! Thanks so much for linking my candy and for your very sweet words!