vrijdag 7 november 2008

The wall

I just bought a stamp with this wonderful text:

If life and distance
build a wall between us,
please promise that together
we will steal the bricks

I wanted to buy this stamp several months ago to make some cards for my best friends. I truly regret not having bought it earlier, because one of my dearest friends, Edgard (I have a very funny picture of him here), past away in August.

So please take the time to let your friends and family know you care and while you're blogging, take time to leave a kind comment here or there!
(Time to go to sleep, I'm starting to sound like a preacher, or even worse, my mom, lol!)

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theneon zei

Here's my kind comment for you. I appreciate your sentiment here and want to also thank you for encouraging me along. Your new awards are indeed worthy of you. Congratulations! Martha Kay