zondag 26 oktober 2008

Anything but a card! Alles behalve een kaart!

Ik voelde me eindelijk een beetje beter en besloot zaterdagavond toch aan de 10de House Mouse Monday challenge begonnen! Een echte uitdaging, wat alles kon, behalve een kaart. Uiteindelijk heb ik gekozen voor een wijnkistje, een kalender en een theelichthouder om de kerststemming er in te brengen. Rechtstreeks op het hout van het kistje stempelde ik 'Helping hand'; de kolibri die nectar drinkt, leek me perfect om de inhoud weer te geven. Ik stempelde deze afbeelding opnieuw op krimpfolie - ditmaal ingekleurd - en bevestigde dit als label aan het schuifdeksel.
Voor de scheurkalender gebruikte ik een houten snijplankje dat mijn ventje liefdevol schilderde met 'jute wit'. De afbeelding is 'Candlelit dreams'. Hij schilderde ook de theelichthouder van Artemio, waarop ik 'Joy to the World' op rood cardstock bevestigde.

I finally felt a little better and decided to start working on the 10th HMM challenge saturday evening. A real challenge, because we could make anything but a card! I finally decided to make a wine box, a calender and a tea light holder to get into the christmas feeling. I stamped 'Helping hand' directly on the wooden wine box; the humming bird drinking nectar seemed perfect to reflect the content. I stamped the image again on shrinking plastic - coloured this time - and attached it to the sliding lid. For the calendar I used a wooden cutting board, painted lovingly by my honey with 'jute white'. The image is 'Candlelit dreams'. He also painted the tea light holder from Artemio, on which I put 'Joy to the World' matted on red cardstock.

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Carolyn Bounds zei

You went all out for this challenge!!! I L-O-V-E each of these dazzling pieces! I never would have thought to make a calendar from a cutting board,...but I will be trying this idea very soon...along with the rest of these lovely projects:o)

You always amaze me! I don't know how you do such incredible work with such a busy schedule...AND you've been sick. I need your energy secrets (LOL!).

I am happy to hear you are feeling better. I have missed you:o) Please take care of yourself, my dear friend!!


Diane.W. zei

Hi Els,hope you are feeling much much better now :o)x
Your 3 projects are fabulous!Go You,lol!!!!Very clever,original ideas.Take care now :o)x

Janneke zei

Wat heb jij leuke spulletjes gemaakt Els, helemaal super :D

Gezellig dat je weer meedeed deze week :D

carolann zei

These are brilliant hun well done xxxxxxx

Carmen O. zei

Gorgeous gifts! I love all of them! What a great take on the challenge. Hope you're feeling much better by now.

eviledna zei

Oh, so you've been poorly, I wondered where you were. Kept popping over to see what you were up to and you weren't there :( Glad you're back :) and hope you're back to your wonderful self soon. You've excelled yourself with these little beauties, I especially love the candle holder, c'est très magnifique (hope I've spelt that right, been a looooong time since I did French at school!)
Take care & keep smiling (at my bad French)
Ann x

sari zei

what beautifull items you have made!! Love each one of them!!

"Kirby" (KrB) zei

What clever projects for your "not a card" challenge. Very cute. The cutting board idea is great.

mycardz zei

So glad you're feeling better!

Well, they saved the best for last!! Glad you made it in time for the challenge. And, wow, you really did awesome projects!! I love them all, especially the wine box. Yes, the image is very appropriate for the contents...very creative. Great job, as ALWAYS! :) Take care, Mary

Maria Matter zei

Wow, these are great!!!
Way to take on a challenge!
You chose the perfect images...beautiful work!
Blessings, Maria

Sassy Crafts zei

Oh wow wow and wow!!! I thought you said you would struggle with this challenge!!! You have produced such a variety of items all of them so wonderful. Such fantastic work and ideas. Thanks for joining in and sharing with us. xx

Sassy Crafts zei

Ooops - i was so overwhelmed by your work that i forgot to say - hope you are feeling better now. xx

elke zei

Heel leuk gedaan!!!!Dus als er eens iets geschilderd moet worden.....



Raisa zei

Oh so cute and what exellwnt ideas, I start feeling I'm not using my imagination :) I should take after You.
I'm gald You're feeling better. Missed You


Raisa zei

Oh so cute and what exellwnt ideas, I start feeling I'm not using my imagination :) I should take after You.
I'm gald You're feeling better. Missed You