dinsdag 7 oktober 2008


Thanks to cardmaking, blogs and internet, I met this wonderful friend, Diane! Although we haven't met in 'real' life, she has her place in my hearth! Today I could have kissed the postman (who didn't ring twice!) - lol - for delivering a package from her. What a wonderful surprise, all the images she send me (and papers!) and a wonderful handmade card (I won't throw it...ever, promised!). Thx Diane! I do appreciate it!xxx

Please check out her blog, she's got lots of wonderful creations!

2 opmerkingen:

Diane.W. zei

I'm so glad you got them,at last!!! Enjoy :o)x

Carolyn Bounds zei

Isn't Diane the BEST?!?! She holds a very special place in my heart too:o) Have fun with all your new goodies!!! I cannot wait to see what you create with them.


Ps. I hope your studies are going well, and your 'Introduction to Politicology' hasn't zapped all your energy;o)