woensdag 29 oktober 2008

What's in that cauldron...

Bij Cute Card Thursday #33 is het thema 'The stars at night' en mag er iets met sterren of spookachtig gebruikt worden. Is deze schattige heks, een afbeelding gekregen van Diane (thank you so much Diane!xxx), niet een echte ster van de nacht?! Ze is geweldig hé! En wie weet wat kookt er in die ketel...

At Cute Card Thursday #33 the theme is 'The Stars at Night' and we can use stars or something spooky. Isn't this adorable witch a real star of the night?! I got this image from Diane (thank you so much Diane!xxx), it's gorgeous isn't it! And who knows what might be boiling in that cauldron...

3 opmerkingen:

Diane.W. zei

Aww you made her look so nice!!! Great card :o)x

Andrea, zei

Fab card, love the image, thanks for joining in the CCT challenge

Raisa zei

Your Halloween cards are so fantastic, just gotta love them! You really capture the feelings.