zondag 26 oktober 2008


I've been spoiled! I received not just 1 but 2 awards!

I received this beautiful award from Carolyn (who has become a dear blogging friend), because she feels I inspire her (although it's the opposite)! She doesn't find herself inspiring, but believe me: she is! She makes the most beautiful creations and always takes her time to visit everybody's blog and leave the most kind comments you've ever seen! I bet her days are longer than mine, because it's incredible where she finds the time to do all this! Please go check it out at her blog! Thank you Carolyn for making this a nicer world!

Now, I am to pass this award on to 6 inspirational people. There are a so many inspirational people I would like to give this to but unfortunately, I can only choose six. I chose these lovely ladies:
Raisa and her creative little girl Eveliina

Please, do check out their lovely creations!

Now for the next gorgeous award (don't you just adore those splendid fall colours?)
I received this lovely award from Diane, definitely my funniest blog friend when I come to think off it, lol. She makes amazing stuff, don't know where she keeps getting her inspiration! So check out her blog, it's gorgeous!
I give this award to the following 6 lovely blogs I love to visit:
Ann, my fellow witch
A nostalgic Halloween (I adore Halloween)
Vivienne (I also adore the beautiful music on her blog)

Go have a look at these wonderful blogs and while you're there, please leave them a comment!
As it is so hard to point out only so few special people, because there are so many of you special and inspiring people, I also dedicate this award to everybody who takes time to visit my blog and leave me comment. So please, feel free to put it on your blog! Thanks for your visits, and hope to see you soon!

8 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Oh wow Els...what a lovely surprise...I am so happy to receive this wonderful award from you, thanks very much!
Carole :-)

Carolyn Bounds zei

YOU DESERVE TO BE SPOILED!!! Did I place enough emphasis on that?:o) You are always so sweet and provide such wonderful inspiration; you deserve these awards and then some. I wish I had a million bucks, so I could give you something more substantial...like a trip to a nice, tropical island... with a stamping convention;O) If only...


Diane.W. zei

You are very welcome!
Thankyou for your luvly words & always visiting my blog,you are a great friend :o)x

mueppi zei

Hello Els
I thank you most sincerely that you have me with this beautiful Award searched!!
I will pass it later!
I wish you a wonderful day and send a lot of love greetings from germany
hugs Gisela

Janneke zei

Dank je wel Els ;)

Wat een eer dat je hem aan mij geeft ;)

X Janneke

Clotilde zei

wow Els:) Cet award est superbe, en plus j'adore les papillons:)merci de me l'attribuer au même titre que des filles toutes aussi talentueuses les unes que les autres:) Et c'est toujours un plaisir de venir voir tes réas sur ton blog :)
Je te souhaites une très très bonne journée Els
Gros bisous de Bretagne

Anne's Cards zei

Proficiat met je awards en "dank je wel" om er mij een te geven.
Dat doet hééél veel deugd!!!

Raisa zei

Thank You Els, You allways make me feel so special! Eveliina was very happy and sends her hugs to You.
I will add the list to my blog later today